"She is the new face of Hawaiian music and of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar." -Harry B. Soria Jr.

"Pono au ke kuleana e hoʻomau ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. Hana ʻia i na haku mele. 

"I have a responsibility to perpetuate the Hawaiian language and I do this through composing songs."

I was born and raised on the island of O'ahu in Aiea and some of my earliest memories of hearing hawaiian music was when I was four or five years old and my grandfather would come visit us from the mainland once or twice a year. He would sit in the living room and just play and I remember sitting on the floor in front of him for hours just listening and wanting to play too.


When I turned six, my parents let me take ukulele lessons at Roy Sakuma Ukulele Studios down the hill from our house and then gradually I moved up to guitar at the age of ten. When gramps finally felt I was ready or serious enough, he began teaching me Kī Ho'alu (Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar) when I was twelve and it has since turned into a passion for me.


I graduated from St. Francis High School in Mānoa and further pursued my education at HPU where I received a BSBA in Business Entrepreneurial Studies. As for the moment I am an up and comming Hawaiian Slack Key guitartist singer/ songwriter and composer. I just released my debut CD entitled "Huaʻi", which you can purchase on itunes, Amazon and CDBaby.


Eventually I hope to one day share my culture with the world through my passion for Kī Ho'alu and Hawaiian music. "E ola mau ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi!"